BUGSC 2016 is made possible by generous support from the Department of German and Russian Studies, the Harpur College Dean's Office, the Convocations Committee, the Russian and East European Program, the Department of Comparative Literature, Binghamton University Alumna Doris Braun and the Wells Family.


All events take place in the Engineering and Science Building (room ES 2008) at the Binghamton University Innovative Technologies Center (ITC) on Murray Hill Road.


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Friday, April 15, 2016

8:30 a.m. Breakfast

8:45 a.m. Welcome Remarks

9:00 a.m. Cultural Paradigms: Multi-, Inter-, Trans-, Counter-

Michelle Brüssow, Binghamton University: Multi-, Inter- oder doch lieber Transkulturelle Literatur? – Die germanistische Literaturwissenschaft im Dschungel der Präfixe

Marie-Christine Merdan, Binghamton University: Wie Heimat zur Sprache kommt. Identifikationskonstruktionen im Wandel

Annika Orich, UC Berkeley: Paradigms of Heimat, Belonging, and Displacement in Gregor Weichbrodt’s and Hannes Bajohr‘s Glaube Liebe Hoffnung. Nachrichten aus dem christlichen Abendland (2015)

Dirk Kemper, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow: Kulturtransferforschung als erweiterte Germanistik

Moderator: Neil Christian Pages, Binghamton University

10:50 a.m. Coming to "Terms" with Jenny Erpenbeck

Nicole Coleman, Wayne State University: Fantasies of Home: Refugees, Alienness, and the Construction of Heimat

Monika Shafi, University of Delaware: Nobody loves a refugee: Temporality and Work in Jenny Erpenbeck’s Gehen Ging Gegangen

Katrina Nousek, Lawrence University: Communities that Count: Postcommunism & Transnationalism in Contemporary German Literature

Moderator: Carl Gelderloos, Binghamton University

12:10 p.m. Lunch

Natalia Kemper-Bakshi, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow: German Studies in a Russian Context

Moderator: Harald Zils, Binghamton University

1:30 p.m. Cultural Memories as Communal Space

Paul Buchholz, UC Berkeley: Wastelands and Encampments: Communal Spaces in the Novels of Urs Jäggi and Nicolas Born

Brian McInnis, Christopher Newport University: Memory and Displacement in Reinhard Jirgl’s Die Unvollendeten

Moderator: Carl Gelderloos, Binghamton University

2:45 p.m. Literature of Migration and Displacement

Marianne Zwicker, Deutsches Haus at NYU: Writing to be Heard: Romani Narratives of Arrival and Transition in Germany and Austria

Agata Lagiewka, Universitat de Barcelona: ‘Ins Fremde Schreiben’ – Multiple Dis-Placements and Border Crossing in Contemporary Austrian Literature

Moderator: Marie-Christine Merdan, Binghamton University

4:00 p.m. Wine & Cheese Reception

5:00 p.m. Keynote

This Migration Which Is Not One: Refugees, Migrants, and (Turkish-)German Studies
Yasemin Yildiz, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign

Remarks: Rosmarie T. Morewedge, Binghamton University

8:00 p.m. Dinner

(For all registered Colloquium participants at PS Restaurant, 100 Rano Boulevard, Vestal, NY; dinner included in the registration fee; cash bar)


Saturday, April 16, 2015

8:15 a.m. Breakfast

8:45 a.m. Translation / Interpretation

Jamie Trnka, University of Scranton: Suspended Time, Exile, and the Literature of Global Antifascism

Kristin Dickinson, University of Michigan: Playing by the Rules? : Translating for and against Leitkultur

Robin Ellis, UC Berkeley: Interpreting Migrant Voices: Interpreters as Linguistic Mediators, Advocates, and Gatekeepers

Moderator: Julia Ludewig, Binghamton University

10:15 a.m. Popular Fictions

Eckhard Kuhn-Osius, Hunter College, CUNY: The Great Homecoming to the German Refuge: Early Popular German Books on World War I

Stephen Grollmann, Concordia College: Religious Refuge and Divine Retribution in Franz Werfel's Die vierzig Tage des Musa Dagh

Anna E. Zimmer, Northern Michigan University: All at Sea: Refugees and Responsibility in Merle Kröger’s Havarie

Moderator: Harald Zils, Binghamton University

11:45 a.m. Transnational Tawada

Gizem Arslan, The Catholic University of America: Here and Now: A Moment of Orientation in Yoko Tawada

Anastasiya Lyubas, Binghamton University: Born Translated or At Home in the Unhomely (Unheimlich): Linguistic Imaginations of Bruno Schulz and Yoko Tawada

Edward Muston, Franklin and Marshall College: That's so Cis!: Transnational Literature and Cisnational Bias

Moderator: Gisela Brinker-Gabler, Binghamton University

1:15 p.m. Lunch

2 p.m. - 3 p.m. BUGSC Workshop

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