All events take place in the Jay S. and Jeanne Benet Alumni Lounge at the Alumni Center on the Binghamton University main campus.

For information on how to register, please see here.

Friday, April 5

8:15 am Breakfast

8:50 am Welcome

9 am - 10:15 am Panel 1: Violence, Religion, and Theology

Sean Dunwoody (Binghamton University): ‘A very funny and very serious story’: Ambivalent emotional responses to reports of religious violence in sixteenth-century Germany

Peter Gilgen (Cornell University): Hermeneutic Violence: Lessing's Theological Polemics

Matthew Stoltz (Cornell University): The Letter, the Spirit, and the Sword: Exploring Violence in the Polemical Writings of Luther and Müntzer 

Moderator: Carl Gelderloos (Binghamton University)

10:30 am - 12 pm Panel 2: Violent Trespasses

Ute Bettray (Lafayette College): Critical Crossings: Herbert Marcuse's Essay on Liberation and Its Genealogical Journey to Current Conceptions of National and Transnational Transfeminism 

Axel Hildebrandt (Moravian College): The 1978 Airplane Hijacking from Gdansk to West Berlin in Film, Texts, and Stasi Files

Sunka Simon (Swarthmore College): Binge-Worthy Violence – Recasting German History and Memory on Netflix

Moderator: Neil Christian Pages (Binghamton University)

12 noon Lunch

1 pm - 2:15 pm Panel 3: Violence, Critique, and the Public Sphere

Silke Felber (Universität Wien): Gewaltakte: Elfriede Jelineks Tragödienfortschreibungen

Nadia Schuman (Binghamton University): Welcome to “The Madhouse”: The Then and Now of August Klingemann’s Nachtwachen des Bonaventura

Michael Swellander (University of Iowa): Cutting Off Cats’ Tails: Ludwig Börne’s Devastating Wit

Moderator: Harald Zils (Binghamton University)

2:30 pm - 3:45 pm Panel 4: Political Violence and Critical Theory

Daniel Binswanger Friedman (Cornell University): Violence, Vision and Redemption in Kracauer’s “Head of Medusa”

Sabine Gölz (University of Iowa): Walter’s Aura-Engineering: The Gespinst that Haunts the Benjamin-Industry

Imke Brust (Haverford College): Expressing Agency Through the Body: Reconciling Arendt and Fanon on Violence Through Rage Against the State

Moderator: Neil Christian Pages (Binghamton University)

4 pm Wine and cheese reception

5pm Keynote: The Larry Wells Lecture 2019

Jochen Hellbeck (Rutgers University): “Witnessing and Fighting Nazi Violence During World War II”

8 pm Dinner for registered participants at P.S. Restaurant, Vestal

Saturday, April 6

8:30 am Breakfast

9 am - 10:15 am Panel 5: Particles and Masses: War, Revolution, and Radiation in the 20th Century

Eckhard Kuhn-Osius (Hunter College): Men Against Material: The Violence of World War I as Seen in Popular Literature

Sophia Léonard (Cornell University): Envisioning Resistance in Ernst Toller’s Masse Mensch

Stefan Soldovieri (University of Toronto): Radioactive Memories: Volker Koepp’s Die Wismut (1993) and the Slow Violence of the Atom

Moderator: Harald Zils (Binghamton University)

10:30 am - 11:45 am Panel 6: Violence in Contemporary Literature

Johannes Dreyer (Universität Bielefeld): Gewalt ohne Zentrum – Postmoderne Lebensverhältnisse und ihre literarische Darstellung am Beispiel von Roman Ehrlichs Die fürchterlichen Tage des schrecklichen Grauens

Mona Eikel-Pohen (Syracuse University): Gewaltnarrative und narrative Gewalt in ausgewählten Romanen Juli Zehs

Kim Misfeldt (University of Alberta): Violent Females Created by Female Authors in Contemporary German Literature

Moderator: Carl Gelderloos (Binghamton University)

12 noon Lunch

1 pm Workshop

Jochen Hellbeck: "Reading the German-Soviet War"

2:30 pm End of Colloquium